Off-campus scenes

Off-campus scenes

UF students take a break and relax by the pool at The Estates.


Scenes around campus

Scenes around campus

UF student Michelle Saco takes a picture with UF mascot Albert at the gator basketball game.

Facebook purchases Instagram!

The social media and business juggernaut better known as Facebook bought photo-sharing application Instagram for $1 billion. This acquisition seemed to come completely out of the blue.

There was not much buzz involving Facebook and Instagram prior to last year, but apparently Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have had their eyes on Instagram long enough to purchase the software for a hefty sum.

Instagram is a relatively new app and has only been on the scene for a little over a year, but has managed to gain so much support and popularity because of its easy-to-use, playful and interactive service. The $1 billion dollar buy was mind-boggling considering that Instagram was a free app and created no revenue.

Apparently Facebook showed its heavy interest in Instagram with the purchase. Some speculate that the purchase was made because of fear of what Instagram could become and also the wavering of popularity with Facebook.

Physical activity helps students’ academic and work performance

Physical activity helps students’ academic and work performance

Harrison Torres, 22, studies at Library West after doing 2 hours of cardio at Florida Gym.

Final exams are right around the corner and being physically active can be very helpful in achieving optimal success.

Students become more alert and are more likely to pay attention after exercise. Energy levels increase and benefit students in studying and doing class assignments.

“There have been studies done that show that you have more brain function or brain activity after exercise,” said Jason Vlastaras, certified personal trainer for UF’s Southwest Recreational Center.

Instagram is now available for Android users

The popular application Instagram has recently become available for people in the Android market. Instagram up until now was only supported by the iPhone, iPad and iTouch.

The expansion into another big market makes sense because Instagram is garnering more users and more popularity. The addition of Android becoming compatible the Instagram software will increase profits.

Many iPhone users have expressed their negative views on why they do not like the fact that Instagram is now available to Android users. There seems to be a level of integrity felt amongst iPhone users that Instagram was an application solely for them. The feeling of exclusivity was a huge deal to iPhone users and they expressed their distress through various social media outlets and blogs.

On the other hand, for Instagram employees this was a great move because now they can attend to an even larger crowd. More profit will come in because of the great number of additional users. Android users are also content that they can now use this incredible software.

The Woodlands of Gainesville

Apartment hunting is probably one of the most annoying tasks for college students or those about to start college. Several factors must be taken into account when looking for the right apartment.

Money, roommates and quality of the place are the first thing that usually pops into students’ head when looking for apartments. The Woodlands of Gainesville satisfies the quality aspect and the money aspect as well when considering how high-quality the apartments are.

Looking for apartments in Gainesville was a tough process, but I knew there was no better collection of apartments than what I saw at The Woodlands. Students will enjoy an apartment that does not have a college feel to it, but an actual high-quality normal apartment feel that is not found in many places in Gainesville.

The Woodlands is a bit pricey, but it has several study rooms, a great gym and lounge area, a movie theater, as well as an incredible pool area. For inquires about the The Woodlands, visit

Instagram: Photography Made Easy

Instagram is a photo-sharing application for iPhone users that allow them to take pictures with their phone and then filter them using various filter options. It is a free app that allows users to easily post those pictures on several social media websites.

The revolutionary application was founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger in October of 2010. The Instagram headquarters is located in San Francisco. With around $500,000 seed money for the funding of the software, Instagram was able to get its start and gain popularity.

Instagram is revolutionary because it provides an enhancement of photos that can be used by people with iPhones. The accessibility is great for people that love to take and tamper with photos.

The ease of photo alteration and the filtering process also makes Instagram popular. You don’t have to be photography-savvy to be able to use the app and create high-quality photos.